Passion as fashion …my Evidence of Existence

Here’s the deal – me in a nutshell – (help! Who put me in this nutshell?)

I Expulse Art from Every Orifice, Pretty Perpetually.

My passion in life is to stimulate inspiration in others (and myself), by channeling my muses. I generally alchemize life experience into reflective observations on the nature of the human condition.

I believe we are all earth angels birthing ourselves, through the murky depths of our shadow aspects, and into the alchemized truth of our inherent inevitable evolution. We are all Alchemists, harvesting our experiences into reflective fodder for growth and expansion.

I love weaving vowels and consonants into word clusters and thought strands.

Once upon a time at Vanderbilt University, I studied the craft of Poetry and Creative Writing. As a result, a spigot was turned on in my soul to gush words, and I have never since ceased.

I hope you will perhaps receive some mental stimulation, philosophical contemplation, or heart tickling vibrations from the words I love to twist around my tongue and fingertips.

My life purpose is to surrender and let the Muse move me. EVERYTHING IS ART when it is done with PASSION! I often find myself overflowing with it, so I like to share the nectar!

May you be mused, by whatever portal tickles your inherent nature as a creative being. That is my wish for you, and for us all.

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