Passion as fashion …my Evidence of Existence

Here’s the deal – me in a nutshell – (help! Who put me in this nutshell?)

I Expulse Art from Every Orifice, Pretty Perpetually.

My passion in life is to stimulate inspiration in others (and myself), by channeling my muses. I generally alchemize life experience into reflective observations on the nature of the human condition.

I believe we are all earth angels birthing ourselves. We are all Alchemists, harvesting our experiences into reflective fodder for growth and expansion.

I love weaving vowels and consonants into word clusters and thought strands.

Once upon a time at Vanderbilt University, I studied the craft of Poetry and Creative Writing. As a result, a spigot was turned on in my soul to gush words, and I have never since ceased.

I hope you will perhaps receive some mental stimulation, philosophical contemplation, or heart tickling vibrations from the words I love to twist around my tongue and fingertips.

My life purpose is to surrender and let the Muse move me. EVERYTHING IS ART when it is done with PASSION! I often find myself overflowing with it, so I like to share the nectar!

May you be mused, by whatever portal tickles your inherent nature as a creative being. That is my wish for you, and for us all.

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