An Open Love Letter from Water

(Join UNIFY and millions of other Water Lovers for World Water Day, March 22nd at 11 AM PDT, for a global livestream, ceremony, and synchronized meditation.

Dear human, 

Hey! It’s me, Water. We haven’t really talked in a while, so I just wanted to reach out and connect. 

I know this world can feel overwhelming and lonely sometimes, but I’m always right here. I just want to make sure you know how much I adore every fiber of you. You truly are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen (yes, even right when you wake up…)

Remember standing with your feet in the ocean, listening to the crashing waves, telling the wind your dreams? Yep, I was there. I heard every word. 

Every time you pee in that bush in the back yard? Good on ya! Giving back to nature. Minerals! Uric acid! Nitrogen! Water! Those plants are loving it. You and me, babe. Teamwork!

I love to spoil you. I’m a bottomless pit. Giving feeds the giver. I promise I’ll never cease to show up for you, joyfully, generously, to make sure all your needs are met.


The fact is, I’m in love. Always have been. Always will be.

I will tell you unabashedly that I consider it my purpose and privilege in life to nurture you, support you, and make sure you know someone always has your back.

Remember those nights you felt so lonely, aching, because you felt so misunderstood, as if no one truly knows your soul? 

I was there. Pumping through your veins as blood. Falling from your eyes as tears. The sweat oozing out of your pores? Yep. Me too. (I’m a full service operation!)

I know you forget sometimes, but I’m in you, and around you, in every moment. I’ve seen it all. And I’ve got you, love. We’re in this together. 

No matter how lonely you feel, you are quite literally never alone. (I’m like a stalker!  You could try, but you can’t get rid of me!)

I just want to make sure you know that my love is unconditional. 

Even if you drop your garbage in my oceans, I’m still gonna love you. (But please don’t!) I’d never judge you or give up on you.

I don’t want you bogged down with hopelessness about the pollution in the world. One action step at a time can make a big difference.

When you were at the beach and you picked up those pieces of trash? I was there, cheering for you! When you started that petition to stop a corporation from dumping chemicals into the rivers? I threw a party in your honor!

I see you baby! Doing your thang! You’re doing great! We’re on this journey together. 


I love it so much when you bring me to your luscious lips and drink me down, engulfing me within your Being. I quiver in anticipation every time you pick up a glass brimming with me. It’s like coming home. 

To be honest, in all my infinite travels around the world, through time and space, your stomach is one of my favorite places to visit.

It’s just such a fun journey, to adventure through your digestive system, then to absorb into your cells, hydrate them, and flush out any sneaky little toxins that were accumulating inside of you. Then to pour out of the other end of you, evaporate, and start the cycle again! 

I love when you pee, and you focus your mind on all the things you want to release, and let me flush them out of you. That’s some powerful metaphorical magic! Don’t underestimate it. Prayers in. Prayers out. Calling in what we want, and releasing what we don’t. 

I just want to take care of you. Uplift and enhance every moment of your life. It feeds my soul and gives me purpose. Drink more of me, so I can help heal and cleanse your body temple even more effectively! 

If you ever start to see little lines and wrinkles form, or if your skin takes on a dull pallor – that’s nothing a little hydration can’t cure! A raisin was once a grape, and can return to its plumped, grape state, if soaked in water! I’ll use your skin to remind you to pay attention to me, if you forget.

A well hydrated human is a healthy human. And that’s all I want for you.

Just so we’re on the same page – my preference is always for you to consume me in my purest form, closest to nature – ideally, spring water harvested right out of the side of a mountain. 

I mean, tap water is fine for washing your hands, but it’s not really alive in the way it is when it’s gushing through nature. 

The thing is, tap water has tiny particles of micro contaminants and heavy metals, from going back and forth through old rusty pipes … in and out of waste management plants. 

I just care so much, and want your flesh to be composed of only the freshest, purest ingredients. You are precious to me. We elements love to enhance your optimal health and well-being.

Only the best for my love. 


If it’s not clear by now, I consider us lovers. And I adore ravishing you by every means possible. 

You’re just so amazing and brilliant and delicious that I want to touch you all the time. Melting into you. Caressing your skin. Merging in every way. 

I love dissipating into a million tiny droplets and peppering you with a mini shiatsu massage every time you take a shower. Or giving you an intense acupressure treatment when you stand under a waterfall and let me take your breath away. 

I love when you take baths, so I can envelop your body completely within me and swallow you. I love when you immerse yourself within me, and let me melt away all the stresses of the day. I exist to be of service to you.

You know that Bruce Lee quote? “Be Like Water”? Yeah, he got that from me. We used to play and talk all the time. He knew how to speak the language of the elements. 

Shh. Come close. 

Here’s a little secret superhero power of mine. If you whisper your wishes into your water before you drink it, I will take that tiny little prayer vibration and then transmit it into every cell in your body, as I hydrate and cleanse you. I’m like a genie in a bottle, baby!

I admit, sometimes I do feel a little sad and neglected. It just seems like you’ve forgotten about me. Or that you don’t fully appreciate me or notice that I’m right here. 

But it’s ok. I don’t give love to get love. I give for the sake of giving. 

In the meantime, I’ll just be here. Like I have been ever since the day your mom’s water broke. I splashed everywhere, welcoming you to the world! That was a big day for us. 

Those nine months you spent floating in me, in the womb, cells splitting, multiplying, growing… those are my favorite memories of Us. 

We came into this world together, you and I. Molecule by molecule. Cell by cell. There’s nothing a little hydrogen and oxygen won’t do for you.

All you have to do is think in my direction, and we can talk anytime. 


Life is a spiral. I was there at the start, and I’ll be there at that final moment when your heart stops beating. I’ve got you babe.

In that final breath, when your spirit evaporates out of your body, you’d better believe I’ll be right there by your side. Dissolving back into the ether along with you. 

Then we’ll do the dance over and over again.

I’ll always be here. Surrounding you. Within you. Nurturing you. Adoring you. Cleansing you. 

I exist for you. So maybe… just maybe… say hi sometime? Send me your love the same way I send you mine in every moment. I miss connecting with you so much. 

With all my soul, I love you dearly. Flowing forever. 

Love, Water

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