East vs West, All the Best

The strangest things about being back in the US after 6 months in Thailand and Bali… (from my current, limited, newly-minted perspectives in contrast) ARE:

The ability to flush toilet paper. (I find myself feeling guilty and concerned for the septic system)

The lack of a bidet situation on every toilet (once you get used to the concept of – if a bird shat on you, would you wipe it off or wash it off? -you can never again go back to ignorance)…

Driving on the right side of the road (whoa)

Not seeing thousands of scooters swerving dangerously everywhere as the primary form of transportation

Not saying “Suksuma” or “Teri makasi” a thousand times a day (“thank you”)

The COLD WEATHER! (Eek! My cells are all contracting)

The abundance of organic health food products / supplements available without costing 5x their normal price (import tax is so real over there!) ….

Ie: The fact that a bottle of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar no longer costs $25

Conversely, the fact that the cost of living in the states is so insanely high compared to Bali! (Other than imported specialty goods). Abroad I got used to eating at gourmet organic restaurants where the “expensive” dish was $5

(Meanwhile I do feel relieved that the organic standard in the US is at least a bit more regulated than the nebulous “organic” label in Bali)

How sterile it is here culturally and architecturally … in Bali you can’t go more than a few feet without a gorgeous ancient temple, or prayer baskets scattered on the ground … here, it’s all very modern and boxy

The fact that you never have to fear getting sick from tap water …. an underrated thing

In contrast I am still blown away at the fact that Ubud has literally THE BEST organic restaurant population concentration in the whole universe (props to Zest, Moksa, Sayuri, and dozens more!)

I am loving the reminder that people are inherently awesome and friendly everywhere you go, and the extreme warmth of the Balinese people trains you to expect it, embody it, and create more feedback loops of it in your life

There are So many beautiful things about all the places on this planet . I love feeling like a global citizen, exploring the breathtaking nature and the various cultures all over this world! So much yet to see… it gives you so much perspective on life

I am especially so grateful for Bali for opening my heart and softening my soul…. and I am so grateful to be back in the states, still brimming with the sparkling magic of that glorious place!!!

Still recovering from the jet lag of my 24 hour flight hopping adventure … but ultimately super excited to be home!

I got back yesterday to my sweet Bitibop (my baby creature / touring van)… and found to my relief that I had left her in near perfect condition, primed and ready for my return. It was like breathing a sigh of relief to find her waiting to embrace me in her enveloping enfolding orb

I collapsed onto my bed, cuddled my teddy bears, and tried to keep myself awake until a reasonable hour for sleep, to reset my internal clock. That liminal state between exhaustion and waking is a magical portal kind of like the Dreamtime

Within my sweet Biti fortress, I am a turtle in a half shell… I have a forcefield of protection around me, a home on wheels where I can travel to where ever the music is.

After the insular nature of my life in Ubud, it’s like suddenly a whole horizon of possibility has opened before me!

After 4 months of being reliant on scooter taxis every day to get where I wanted to go, it feels so amazing to have transportation freedom once again!!

(I had a crash / concussion on my first day in Koh phangan, so I abstained from scootering, so I didn’t have personal transportation for most of the last six months – a great contrast!)

It’s also super amazing to NOT have perpetual helmet head / smooshed flattened hair for the first time in 6 months. I’d gotten used to just wearing hats every day to hide my frizzball of untameability in the humidity.

I got home and washed my hair for the first time with proper Western conditioner (what a difference moisturization makes!) and i was shocked to recall that i have a huge lion’s mane of hair available atop my head when it’s not being squished into helmets daily. (Like discovering a gift suddenly)

There are So many things I will miss about Indonesia, … most especially THE PEOPLE…. but I am being reminded that there are so many things we take for granted here in the states… which I am vividly aware of and grateful for!

Simmering in awareness and gratitude for the many dynamic aspects of this planet and all she offers!

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