Zero F*cks to Give, Learning to Live

It’s such an amazing feeling to witness the tangible results of actively being a meticulous curator of your own experience. Self-sourcing from deep within, instead of seeking externally. It’s not that i “Give No F*cks” anymore, it’s just,… basically, that …i simply Have No F*cks Left to Give

Scooter Crash / Brain Bash … Pining for the Silver Lining

Aaaaah I crashed my scooter and Banged the very top of my head! Owww! Got myself a nifty little brain bruise!! I am truly feeling grateful for the heart-opening, cheerful, soul softening that the the aftermath of this experience induced. I am choosing to lens the experience as a bonk on my seventh chakra, to zap open my connection to the cord of cosmic light that is always pouring in through it anyway… maybe the jolt just sloughed off some energetic residue that was blocking my small self’s connection to my higher self / source!

Tiger Massage & other such Heartbreaking Miracles

I went today to write an article about the Tiger Kingdom in Phuket. Seeing these majestic animals in captivity was heartbreaking. And awe inspiring. And… heart breaking. I felt I was there to help. I gave them massages, and reiki, and purring, and cooing and so much love…. aching for and visioning their freedom. It…

A Thailand Tale – Motor-scootering through the Veil

A total stranger just loaded me on the back of her motorscooter behind her and her 2 year old son, and drove me up and down the streets of Phuket, trying to find my yoga class. And wouldn’t even accept a penny!

Trips to Thailand, yours and MyLand

it’s amazing being in a Buddhist country, where the sound of Ohm seems to permeate the air, coming out of the establishments I pass as I walk down the street.

I can feel my inner (subliminal, accidental) american attitudes become so glaringly blatant … and then just melt away…

It is a surrender of the density of intensity and anxiety that cakes us like a silent shroud in the states, no matter how much effort we put in to cope with it

Violin ReBirth, What a Soul is Worth

My sweet violin, Muddy, has come home to me at last after a long month at the luthier’s! I hadn’t been a day without her since I fell in love with her warm breathy tone 21 years ago!! She fell a month ago and her 140 year old wood shattered at the tailpiece, along with multiple other damages that could potentially have destroyed her.

Wandering Minstrel Musical Mayhem, (and the Exhaustive Burnout of Having what we Want)

The tour thus far has been so expansive. 3 bands. 15 people. Zig-zagging around the west coast. So many seeds planted long ago, come to fruition in the context of the Music making. Partnerships criss-crossing, songs weaving through threaded storylines of theatricality. It has been Super grassroots style. Sleeping on the floors of the venues, sardined on the floor of an audience member host … playing music late into the night long after the show has ended…, caravanning our cars between cities during the day and running around at each place handing out fliers and chalking sidewalks.