Music video for my song “The Seer”

Here’s a music video I made for my song, “The Seer”. I just pop my HD flipcam in my pocket where ever I go, and when i see a location that strikes my fancy, I plop down my little guerilla tripod, pull out my iPhone as a music source, and shamelessly dance and lip synch my way around various locations along with songs I’ve recorded.

Night Owling, Creativity Howling

My Muse has always come somewhere between midnight and 1 AM. When at last the house is silent, and there are no distractions. When at last my fingers fly, and my heart gushes, and my spirit flies with wings into the great wide unknown of potential creation. She is the ultimate mother. She births sonic sculptures. She births word clusters and constellations of imagery.

Looks at books, enveloping hooks

There is just nothing like the woody, pulpy feel of turning pages beneath fingertips… the enveloping arc of character development … the all-consuming power of Story. In a portable package you can lug around. This is my favorite addiction.

Puppy Love, Fitted Glove

Petting animals creates the sensation of a big huge snuggly cocoon enveloping your whole being like a snugly fitted glove.
There’s no such thing as too much affection with those you love! More love!

constructive criticisms, productive perspective prisms

When I ask someone I respect for constructive criticism on a craft that they have mastered, that I am trying to learn – I absolutely love receiving the feedback! I’m not shy. I’m not proud. I don’t want to be right, I want to grow and absorb the condensed nugget of their wisdom

Baby magnetism vs. idealized romanticism

Sigh. (Squeak!) Try as I might to rationalize the reasons I don’t want to bring a child into this iPhone laden world of chaos and climate change…there is undeniably some part of me deep down in the tip of my left toe that was simply born to be a mother. It’s just funny to see how the brain and the heart and the biological imperative essential nature of our Beings are not always in agreement.

Video recipe for instant raw SUGARFREE superfood ICE CREAM! Woohoo!

Just because you want to be uber healthy doesn’t mean you need to leave behind all your favorite foods! Check out this recipe video I just made for my instant home made uber creamy RAW SUGARFREE superfood ice cream!! All done in just a few minutes in a vitamix blender! It is so ridiculously delicious you won’t believe that every single ingredient is nutritiously crucial and excellent for your body’s top notch needs!

Giggles, guffaws and sheer jolliness

There is almost nothing I appreciate more than someone who can make me giggle, guffaw, laugh wildly. Thank you, funny people, for making us funnier.